The provision of employment and skills support to Lidl UK

December 2016

Carney Green has recently completed local employment and skills plans to support the redevelopment of two LIDL UK stores. The plans set out how LIDL UK (and its contractors and suppliers) will work in partnership with the local councils and other agencies to maximise local residents’ employment and skills benefits from the construction and operational phases of the proposed development.

Each plan included a review of the local planning policy framework, a baseline assessment of the local labour market, and an action plan. The latter provided a series of actions to support education and skills activities for local residents; these will support the upskilling and enhanced employability of local residents. Each action was assigned an ‘owner’ (a person or organisation responsible for implementing the action), a measure of success (outlining the steps required for the action to be completed), and associated timescale (target data for the action to be achieved). In addition, Carney Green also provided a monitoring, management and evaluation plan (with action plan review templates) to support the successful implementation of the action plan.

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