Health Research Authority, Estates Strategy and Ways of Working Support

The Health Research Authority (HRA) promotes and protect the interests of patients in health research. To meet its efficiency targets, the HRA required a real estate and ‘ways of working’ review, particularly with regard to its five UK offices.

Following a period of research Carney Green presented potential alternative models for the location and space utilisation of the HRA’s office estate, and also the operational practices of its staff. An Options Appraisal workshop led to a preferred option and the development of a 5-year Estates Strategy. This considered issues such as migration phasing, use of pilot periods to test new working practices, lease breaks, gradual exit/entry issues, an assessment of IT issues, and change management.

Following the delivery of the real estate review, Carney Green was retained by the HRA to provide a range of organisational change services. These included staff consultation regarding ways of working, the development of a home working policy, a review of internal office structures, and support with lease negotiation.

What we do: Organisational Change